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A section where personal reflections and thoughts, in the light of Islamic teachings are shared with the world. This could be in the form of an article or story. It could be short or long.

Learning the Love of Deen from my Father!

When I look back at my father’s life, I realize with the utmost gratefulness that he was an exceptional human being, towering above all around him. May Allah Ta’ala forgive…

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Qadr – Divine Decree or “predestination” is the usual English language rendering of a belief that we, Muslims, call Qadr. The idea that your life is not a series of…

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He Knows Me Best

Written by: Shumaysa Amatul Hadi Faruqi I may have half a dozen friends and a great circle of acquaintances but still I cannot be 100% ‘me’ in front of any…

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My Journey to Light

Taleem Al Quran program is nearing its end. I was emotionally overwhelmed and I teared up as I was in the class going through the last surahs of the Qur’an. I…

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The Fire Drill

Allahumma Ajirna Min al Naar (O Allah, Save Us From Hellfire) – Having made this du’a countless times in the past years, it has now changed for me in meaning forever….

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