Inspirational Heroes

A section pertaining to the great Islamic heroes, both male and female, whereby an incident from their life is discussed and a lesson that touched our heart can be elaborated upon.

Hajra ASW: The (chief) founder and patron of civilization at Makkah

Hajra ASW: The (chief) founder and patron of civilization at Makkah As children, we all have read that great civilizations are born near the rivers. Once upon a time, a…

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A Letter to Hafsah (RA), Mother of the Believers

Dear Hafsah (RA), As-salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. A mother is one’s first teacher, one’s mentor and sculptor. As a convert, it is even more essential for me to look…

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Maryam bint Imran

And [the example of] Maryam, the daughter of ‘Imran, who guarded her chastity, so We blew into her [garment] through Our angel, and she believed in the words of her Lord…

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The Fighter of Luxury and Worldly Temptations

Abu Dharr’s (RA) story is the story of the highway robber who became an ascetic and a preacher during the life of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and the conscience of the rulers…

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Zainab bint Khuzaymah (RA)

To my dear beloved mother, Love is pretty strange since you can feel it for someone that you have never seen, never talked to and maybe this person even lived centuries…

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