Creative Bug

There surely is a creative bug in all of us. Say it all, whether spontaneously or rhythmically. Let your creativity rediscover itself in our poetry section.

A Fear of Night Demolished

When the sun goes down And the moon comes up, You immediately know, Night has arrived. You walk down the road, Not taking mind, Darkness surrounds you, And new creatures…

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A Common Thread Between Us

Have you checked on your sister today? Did you give her a call to make sure she’s ok? Did you banish procrastination, And make the call – not delay? You…

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Entrust Allah (swt) with all of your affairs

Written By Sa’diyya Nesar Entrust Allah with all of your affairs instead of leaving it with souls that do not care. Just be sure to be kind with mercy even…

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Man of Perfection

A man of perfection in character The best a man can ever be A man sent not only to the Arab world But sent to all humanity   Sent at…

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Sister to the Night

I am The sister to the night, Draped in all black, not white. It is poetry I write. Covered in an unadorned display, In through my words of poetry I…

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Identity Embraced

Step up. Walk. With your head held high! Don’t hesitate. Don’t be embarrassed or shy! Look around. Ponder! Relax … and be at ease! Allah chose you to be the…

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Footsteps in the Sand

I came without belongings, no shoes on my feet, Carrying a body, a mind incomplete, I knew I was a traveller, I proceeded cautiously, My Creator watched, so I prayed…

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Hope is an intrinsic limb of Iman. When one thinks of hope, one thinks of the common clichés: light at the end of the tunnel, a new day, and doors opening….

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