Assalam u Alaikum wa Rahmat Allah e Wabarakatahu,

Team Hidayah thanks you deeply for visiting our website, and wanting to write for us. All Thanks and Praise to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, who has granted us the knowledge, power of pen, and miracle of words that is needed to produce a piece of writing which can change perspectives,and bring hope and positivity to fellow Muslims. Alhamdulillah for the opportunity that He has granted us with, to spread His word, for His people, in His name. May Allah accept all our efforts and endeavors for His Sake, Aameen.

Your time and effort is priceless, and we at Hidayah truly respect it. Hence we request you to kindly go through the following guidelines carefully, so as to increase the probability of your work being published.

Choose the Section you want to write for:

1) EDITOR’S INSIGHT: A section that presents the Editor’s Perception regarding a topic relevant to the theme of the magazine, or any inspirational incident which becomes the driving force behind the write-up.

2) MAIN PAGE: This section consists of the main article of the magazine, dealt with in a unique and intriguing way, presented with an Islamic perspective relevant to the context of the article, to keep our readers engaged, interested and informed.

3) DIVINE DOSE: A section where by every issue being dealt with will present a Qur’anic verse/Surah and personal lessons derived from it.

4) INSPIRATIONAL HEROES: A section pertaining to the great Islamic heroes, both male and female, whereby an incident from their life is discussed and a lesson that touched our heart can be elaborated upon.

5) WISE VISION: A section where interviews of motivational personalities will be conducted and their stories shared with our readers. The purpose of this section is to give insight into these people’s lives, who have spent a considerable time studying and practicing the Deen.

6) CREATIVE BUG: There surely is a creative bug in all of us. Say it all, whether spontaneously or rhythmically. Let your creativity rediscover itself in our poetry section.

7) BUZZ WUZZ: A section to accommodate current affairs in the light of Islam, thus encouraging positive discussion, and imparting insightful knowledge of what’s making news, around the world.

8) PERSONAL PEN: A section where personal reflections and thoughts, in the light of Islamic teachings are shared with the world. This could be in the form of an article or story. It could be short or long.

9) HEART2HEART: A place of spontaneous expression; heart-to-heart is a section of heartfelt emotions that need a platform to be showcased

Some rules to follow:

  • The title of the article and the introduction should be catchy and something everyone can relate to.
  • The conclusion should give our readers hope and end on a positive note.
  • You may use sub headings and bullet points wherever possible.
  • Please do not write the article in haste. Make sure to research well and write little at a time, and spend at least 1 or 2 sittings editing and polishing your article/poem, before sending it to us.
  • Refrain from copy pasting the content of other articles or plagiarizing work from other websites.
  • Make sure your intention is to please Allah alone and to bring about maximum benefit to this Ummah through your writings.


  • Links that might help in Cross checking Qur’an or Ahadith references are as follows: www.quran.com & www.Sunnah.com.
  • The protocol for referencing the Quran is as such: (Al Qur’an; Chapter 2: Verse 211).
  • All researched articles should have links quoted as end notes.

Font & Word count:

  • Please send your work in font style: Times New Roman and font size: 12.
  • Preferable word count is 1000-1200 words
  • Reflections/Poems could be shorter, around 600-700 words
  • An article that is lengthier than 1200 words would only be shortlisted for publication, if it is being considered to be the ‘Main Page Story’, or else it seems that chopping off words will take away from the essence and beauty of the content.


  • Email all contributions in an editable word file to editor@hidayahmagazine.ca. The email address you use to send us your work will be used to contact you.
  • Kindly attach a separate word file containing a ‘mini bio’ of you, written in third person, (200 words max).
  • You would be contacted within two weeks of your submission, to let you know, whether or not your article has been selected for publication. The Deputy Editor will then work with you, should any edits be required or suggested.

Publication Policy:

All work sent to Hidayah Magazine should be exclusive, original and unpublished. Once your work is published, you are free to republish your work elsewhere, after 2 issues of our quarterly e-magazine are published. In doing so, you are obligated to link the article back to Hidayah Magazine, and not edit the originally published article.


All work written for Hidayah Magazine is voluntary, and at this point in time, cannot be monetarily compensated. You are welcome; however, to provide a link at the end of your article to your personal blog or Facebook Page.

We thank you once again, for your interest and participation in Hidayah Magazine. We pray to Allah Subhanhu wa Ta’ala that our efforts and intentions are accepted and rewarded, and that our writing becomes a mean of ongoing charity for us and our parents. May Allah subhanhu wa ta’ala help Hidayah Magazine to be the beacon of light that eradicates the darkness of ignorance.

Jazakillahu Khairan Katheeran,
Managing Editor



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