Photo Credit: Xainab Shafi

A Fear of Night Demolished

When the sun goes down

And the moon comes up,

You immediately know,

Night has arrived.

You walk down the road,

Not taking mind,

Darkness surrounds you,

And new creatures shall rise.

Turn left on the corner,

And you see a guy,

Shifty and spooky,

A chill runs down your spine.

Walk on forward like the GPS said,

And then you wonder why,

Night’s filled with such fears and creeps?

Along with nightmares by their sides.


Your pace speeds up,

A frown on your face,

The destination’s there,

Standing in its place.

With all the creeps and chills,

Walking all this way at night,

To only meet a door in sight.


You stomp on forward,

Grabbing the knob,

Yanking it forward,

Smacking it hard,

Suddenly you get pulled along,

Screaming with all your might,

You land in a place the same as before,

Except with a girl in sight.

“Night is nothing to hate!” she says,

“I’ll show you it’s quite nice.”


She brings you to forests,

Showing bright stars,

She brings you to parks,

Where roses stand tall,

But most important of them all,

She reveals, night isn’t evil,

It’s really, the most wonderful place

When Allah comes close to hear us pray

When the lights go out,

And duas go in,

His mercy showers us,

And washes us from within,

And if your Duas aren’t accepted,

Don’t worry,


They will still be noted,

In the book of deeds,

You will surely receive.

And Tahajood,

The time, in the middle of night

Allah loves it, and will hold you tight,

If you pray to him, and ask what you might,

So wake up early,

Pray for anything you like,

And do it all, during the beautiful night.

Written by:

Fahmida Fatima

Hifz student at Al Huda Elementary School, Canada




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