by Nailah Abdus Salaam

A Common Thread Between Us

Have you checked on your sister today?

Did you give her a call to make sure she’s ok?
Did you banish procrastination,

And make the call – not delay?
You are your sisters keeper, to comfort her in times of need,
And give Islamic counsel to remove any type of grief.
We are here to help and remind one another,
We are sisters in Islam, So we must love each other.
And I hope this goes both ways,
Because you may need her comfort on some days.

Who is going to help you if your sisters turn away?
Who else can you turn to if they have nothing good to say?
Who are we to define another sisters presence on this earth,
Who are we to devalue the essence of anyone’s worth.
Who are your true companions? Who are your real friends?
Are they those who will walk with you against falsehood and trends,
And are they there when you fall, to help you rise again.
From heart to heart,
And hand to hand,
In the mirror of each other’s eyes,
Our hearts can truly band!
There’s a common thread between us, running from you to me,
My dear beloved sisters – Let’s come together in unity!



About the author

Nailah Abdus-Salaam is a Believer, Writer, Educator and a Poetess. She enjoys writing to encourage, inspire, and to share stories of our personal experiences. After over 30 years as an Educator in the school system, she used her skills as a teacher and a writer to further educate, remind and inspire through her writing. She published  two books of poetry which can be purchased online at Barnes & Noble and they are also available @ Author House. She continues to write and is currently working on her third book of poetry.

She can be contacted @




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