By Seemee Khan

Man of Perfection

A man of perfection in character

The best a man can ever be

A man sent not only to the Arab world

But sent to all humanity


Sent at a time which is timeless

Pay attention, take heed

He was of such a nature

Which enabled him to succeed

His values and mannerisms, if we truly follow

Will address all life’s questions for today and tomorrow


He was the most trusting, of the trustworthy

The most gallant of warriors

He fought for Oneness

He fought for mankind

No other man existed, or will ever exist

As he was created one of a kind


His treatment of women

His attitude to the poor

His manners angelic

You can only adore


Do you know this man?

If not, know him now

You’ll get infected with his personality

You’ll be inspired by his words

You’ll never be tired of his acts of kindness

To children, to women, to animals and birds

Even to the prostitutes,

Who sought forgiveness from their Lord

This man was humble and without ego

For this we must applaud


He’s the one who can teach us how to behave

To become a better person, as he forgave and he gave

He’s the one who can plead for us to gain God’s mercy

He can help us obtain our passport

With the one-way ticket we’ve been struggling hard for


We only have to follow the example he set

And take his teachings to another level with no regret

If we do this, we will be loved by this man

And being loved by him, should be part of our plan

For this will bring us closer to our Lord

And the promise of Paradise, rest assured


He is Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

The last Messenger of all

Who retreated to the cave

And answered God’s call

A man who was unlettered

But chosen to spread the word

(Of Oneness of worship)

He was preferred


A man of perfection in character

The best a man can ever be

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Sent not only to the Arab world

But sent to all humanity


© Seemee Khan, SeemeeHearMe

‘poetry chose me’


About the Author

SeemeeHearMe Poetry with Sister Seemee Khan. Seemee Khan is a British Poet, born and brought up in the UK.

Seemee writes and performs free-flowing/free-form poetry readings to touch the heart and soul of humanity, encompassing universality, sharing human values and the connection we have (and the connection we do not have) with a higher Divinity.

Seemee says ‘My name is Seemee Khan and I’m a poet. I didn’t choose to be a poet; poetry chose me!’ As a universal poet with artistic flair, the expression and delivery of SeemeeHearMe Poetry is interactive and engaging. When attending a performance, be prepared to be open-minded and participate in an active ‘thought-provoking’ session, tapping into emotions and reflections, which may come to the surface on listening to the words she shares from her soul, to your soul!

SeemeeHearMe Poetry was recently hosted by Islamic Imprints Art Gallery for her performance and first collection of poems book launch at Living Islam Festival 2016. (Affairs of the Heart & Soul)

Sister Seemee recently appeared as a Guest Speaker on BBC Asian Network Radio with Radio Host Nihal and locally on InspireFM Luton and RamadanFM Milton Keynes

Seemee performed at London’s Unity in Diversity Eid Festival in Brent Cross sharing two of her most popular universal poems from Affairs of the Heart & Soul Collection: ‘As Long As you Believe’ and ‘Thank You for Making Me ‘Me’

 Last Ramadan Seemee hosted her own radio programme on Global Ramadan Radio with Al Fitrah and she has shared her SeemeeHearMe poetry at mixed events with multi-faith audiences for fundraising, family entertainment, networking groups

 Seemee made her debut at The Poetry Café in London and shared poetry at women’s self empowering seminars as well as performing at Oxford University Poetry night 

 Sister Seemee has run Poetry Circles for the youth in the UK, and performed at schools internationally as a motivational speaker, using her professional training as a Recruitment Manager together with her creative writing & expressive performance delivery style of poetry, to inspire children to follow their passion and dreams




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