Nailah Abdus-Salaam

Sister to the Night

I am
The sister to the night,
Draped in all black, not white.
It is poetry I write.

Covered in an unadorned display,
In through my words of poetry I say,
I am the sight in flight,
Disappearing into the night,
Always veiled out of sight.
Life overflowing,
Striving to do what’s right,
Even if it’s a life-long fight.

The path I’ve taken is Allah All-Mighty’s plan
Humbled and modest, away from the eyes of man.
Covering is the raiment of belief,
Warding off temptation and grief.
Modesty is a virtue complete,
Where faith and piety meet.
I am a Woman! The Goodly Tree!
As I disappear into the shadows
That’s where you’ll find me.
I am the sister to the night…
Draped in all black, not white.



 About The Author

Nailah Abdus-Salaam is a Believer, Writer, Educator and a Poetess. She has two books of poetry published which can be purchased online at Barnes & Noble and they are also available at Author House. 

Her books are also available at Source of Knowledge Book store in Newark, NJ. She is currently working on her third book of poetry.

She can be contacted at



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