Maha Arshad

Footsteps in the Sand

I came without belongings, no shoes on my feet,
Carrying a body, a mind incomplete,
I knew I was a traveller, I proceeded cautiously,
My Creator watched, so I prayed for Him to guide me.

I felt a book in my hand but didn’t understand it,
The darkness all around was as my Creator had planned it,
I knew He was testing me but didn’t know how to pass,
My prayers turned desperate, I needed His help!

Piercing through the pitch black sky, stars began to shine,
Lighting up my darkness, they were teachers of mine!
They helped me understand His message for me,
They helped me see the road He had chosen for me…

And as I started walking, I noticed footsteps in the sand,
To the right and to the left, sisters hand-in-hand,
Quran on their tongues, rising from the hearts,
The same path, the same goal – we walk towards –
Wajhillah – one day, inshaAllah…

Friendship and company for the sake of Allah,
Qalbus-saleem, brimming with taqwa,
May He be pleased with us, in Dunya (this world) and Aakhirah (Hereafter).




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