Issue 2

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Lessons from Surah Tahreem

By Zakia Usmani The Quran is filled with amazing stories that display significant and meaningful lessons for all to benefit from.  But not all of the stories are based upon…

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Heart2Heart Issue 2

I Am Muslim, I Stand As Human As You

What do you want me say? What will you hear? What can I tell you? That I am as horrified and hurt as you are about deaths, destruction and decimation…

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Creative Bug Issue 2

Man of Perfection

A man of perfection in character The best a man can ever be A man sent not only to the Arab world But sent to all humanity   Sent at…

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Creative Bug Issue 2

Sister to the Night

I am The sister to the night, Draped in all black, not white. It is poetry I write. Covered in an unadorned display, In through my words of poetry I…

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Miswak, the Wonder Chewing Stick

By Myda Tahir ‘Aa’ishah (RA) narrated that the Messenger of Allahﷺ said, ‘Miswak cleanses the mouth and pleases the Lord.’ Saheeh al-Bukhaari (2/27) Since Childhood I have seen my mom…

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Issue 2 Personal Pen

He Knows Me Best

Written by: Shumaysa Amatul Hadi Faruqi I may have half a dozen friends and a great circle of acquaintances but still I cannot be 100% ‘me’ in front of any…

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