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Hidayah Exclusive: Interview with Ustaazah Dr. Farhat Hashmi Part 1

CHILDHOOD, UPBRINGING AND FAMILY VALUES (PART I) Sister Khudaija: Assalamulaekum wrwb. Dr. Farhat: Walikumsalam wrwrb. Sister Khudaija: My first question is that parents play a huge role in the lives…

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Buzz Wuzz Issue 3 Main Page

America, What have you done?

November 9th. America, what have you done? The words echoed in my mind as my eyes began to open at Fajr time, alarmed at the news my husband just told…

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Divine Dose Issue 2 Main Page

Lessons from Surah Tahreem

By Zakia Usmani The Quran is filled with amazing stories that display significant and meaningful lessons for all to benefit from.  But not all of the stories are based upon…

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The Gift of Ramadan

Ramadan, is a gift to mankind, in the best sense of the word. A gift pleases and benefits the recipient, and enriches the relationship between the two. To all believers, it’s…

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