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Hidayah Exclusive: Interview with Ustaazah Dr. Farhat Hashmi Part 1

CHILDHOOD, UPBRINGING AND FAMILY VALUES (PART I) Sister Khudaija: Assalamulaekum wrwb. Dr. Farhat: Walikumsalam wrwrb. Sister Khudaija: My first question is that parents play a huge role in the lives…

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Ummati! Ummati!

In the Name of Allah, Most Beneficial, Most Merciful. The term ‘Ummati’ (‘My Nation’) refers to the Ummah, nation, of our beloved Prophet (ﷺ) – which includes us. There are…

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The Caller

From Anonymous I used to tell myself “I’m just not a pamphlet sort of person.” I don’t like giving them out, and I myself don’t even like pamphlet pushers (“yes,…

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Prime Property

Have you ever longed to visit some place? Do you crave to spend time relaxing in a peaceful resort? Where and how would you like your home to be? Let…

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Dua (Supplication)

Dua (supplication) means to ask your Creator for the fulfilment of a particular need. Dua is an important part of our faith and belief. Allah says in the Qur’an in…

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The Signs

Lush green fields with bright yellow flowers, majestic mountains with sparkling white snow-caps, tall trees as if touching the skies… beauty everywhere to be seen! Even as everything begins to…

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